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About us


We provide exclusive services for our clients

The 22bit exchange

We are a company that implements innovative projects using elements of blockchain technology. We implement new system solutions, design process improvements and applications. We strive to ensure that their users can enjoy faster access and greater convenience of using their favorite services and products.

Our mission

22bit is the main settlement currency on the 22bit platform, it allows you to exchange for other tokens and use the services available on it. It lowers the commission costs of services provided by projects from the incubator. It enables the financial involvement of platform users in implemented projects.

Our vision

We believe that the best results are achieved thanks to mutual motivation and constant passion for the work performed. If you want to know how we started, where we are looking for our daily motivation and where we are going, visit us on social media and get to know us better!

We wish you a successful trading

About 22bit exchange

22bit is a fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange, supplied with 100% Polish capital. It was created by experienced specialists and supporters of the cryptocurrency industry. The 22bit platform is unique due to having three separate cryptocurrency markets, IEOs and company tokens. Our technical support team consists of over 8 people who are responsible for the constant maintenance and development of the platform and our office is located in the heart of Poland, i.e. Łódź. In any business or use matter you will contact us by writing a message to the following address: [email protected]